Quality Program Services, LLC

is doing business as QPS on St. John and St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Licensed in the U.S. Virgin Islands for Consultation, Testing, Evaluation, and as a Photographer. Our work is typically in the Building Construction Industry on St. John and St. Thomas.

Quality Program Services, LLC dba QPS

A few of the projects we have been involved with.

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The photos above were taken and processed by QPS. Capabilities include Weddings, Family, Villas, Scenic, Portrait (both outdoor and studio), Product, Construction, and Underwater. The photo gallery is at gallery.stjohnvi.net and will open in a new window. After you visit the gallery, please contact us if we may be of service.

Consultation, Testing, and Evaluation

The majority of our work is evaluation of construction for compliance to contract documents and construction codes. Typically, it's in the form of 3rd party independent evaluation and performed on behalf of the owner. All disciplines are included in these activities. Generally, it commences after the building permit is issued and continues until the Certificate of Use and Occupancy is issued and the permit is closed. This activity approved to replace the required DPNR inspections.

A surveillance/observation program can also be implemented with the purpose of "catching" things before they get out of hand. It almost ensures that the required inspections pass when they are ready, saving time and money. This activity is also very beneficial when the owner acts as his own project manager or general contractor.

Construction consulting is also availble to assist the owner, designer, or contractor.

Underwater is also within our expertise and have performed underwater evaluations, surveys and observations. These activities can be documented with high resolution digital underwater photography or video if requested.

A calibrated concrete compression tester is available. Capabilities include compressional strength testing of both molded cylinders and cored samples.

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